Teachers, Coaches, and Even Other Students May be Sexual Predators


Every day millions of parents across the United States send their children to school in both public and private institutions. The last thing on their mind is thinking that their child might be sexually abused while they are in the custody of the school. The fact of the matter is that at least once a month in the United States, we hear of a teacher having a sexual relationship with their student.  In some instances the teacher may develop feelings towards a student and convince the student that they are in love. Teachers, coaches, volunteers, counselors, and even other students are often sexual predators in disguise.

School employees must exercise as much care in the supervision of children as the average parent but because this is often not the case and unfortunately, unsuspecting children are targeted by sexual predators. Many times the student may be sexually abused by another student who most likely a juvenile. Unfortunately these types of predators are very rarely reported because of their age.

On the other hand the majority of sexual predators in the school environment are older and more experienced “groomers” who seek out students that might accept their sexual advances. At first, they will do everything in their power to gain the child’s trust and when they believe the time is right they will initiate some sort of sexual contact.  Abuse in schools can occur at any age, from pre-kindergarten through high school.


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