Hollywood Sex Abuse

The days of the Hollywood “casting couch” are gone. No longer is it accepted in Hollywood for young men and women to be preyed upon by those in control of their careers. Since anyone in the Hollywood  entertainment business can remember it has been very much part of the industry and being sexually exploited was a cost of doing business for young up and coming actresses.

The crazy part of this exploitation was that the largest companies and corporations that have been fixtures in the entertainment industry facilitated this abuse of power. in fact, these companies protected the sexual offenders because the practices were so accepted by both men and women as something that was just part of the business.

In the last year, brave men and women have spoken out against this practice and finally we have seen the culture begin to change. Just recently, Bill Cosby was convicted and actors Kevin Spacey and Steven Segal have been called out for abusing their power.  Based on the success of the MeToo movement, it appears that Hollywood insiders are finally standing up against the sexual offenders who have been hiding behind their power and fame for so long.

Our firm is committed to representing victims in their quest for justice, to once and for all expose and put an end the sexual harassment and exploitation in Hollywood.

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