Those Without a Voice are Often the Most Vulnerable.


Some children are unfortunate enough and end up staying in foster care because their parents are unable to take proper care of them or refuse to handle their responsibilities. The state and affiliated not for profit agencies usually are responsible for finding a foster care home for these types of children. Unfortunately, many cases have revealed that children under foster care can be sexually abused by the caretaker. Since the state agencies are often understaffed and working on thin budgets, the children are taken from one mediocre environment and transferred to another highly dangerous environment where they are sexually abused.

The chances of a child become sexually abused are particularly high in the short term or while in a temporary foster care home. The party to be blamed here is the state, which either fails to screen the caretakers or to periodically monitor the child under foster care. It is really their parents but since many times they are lost in their own little world and completely indifferent to the situation, it is useless to target them since they do not have anything to lose in the first place.

What makes this matter even worse is the fact that children in foster care have no one to whom they can confide to about their ordeals. Their parents are non-existent (as has already been mentioned), the state employees who have placed them under foster care are inaccessible, and the caretakers are sexually abusing them. This is a situation where they are completely helpless.

The state often subcontracts its work to foster agencies who might fail to adhere to the strict guidelines or any guidelines for that matter. If a child is sexually abused while being under foster care, it is duty of other citizens to contact a child sex abuse lawyer and let them handle the case. The Rogatinsky Firm has been assisting victims of child abuse in all sorts of situations – this is what they do.

The child sex abuse attorneys at the firm are competent and experienced enough to fight the cases on behalf of the sex abuse child victims. If you have been a victim of child sexual abuse when you were under foster care or if you come across any child who needs help, rather than calling anybody or responding to the first ad you see, it is highly recommended that you speak to Florida attorney and sexual abuse advocate Samuel Rogatinsky. Sam is a true professional in this field but you must give him a chance first or even he cannot do anything for you.


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