A Parent’s Worst Nightmare.


Since both spouses prefer to work to increase the family income and in case they have small children at home, relying on day care centers is the only option in front of them. However, contrary to most perceptions, innocent children are not completely safe at day care centers either.

Numerous incidents prove that pedophiles and child sex abusers lurk at day care centers looking for their prey. They usually seek employment in such institutions as janitors or other support tasks and sexually molest a child since that is the main reason they chose to work at this establishment in the first place. Since children are too young to understand their intentions, they usually walk into their trap at the sight of some candy or a simple toy. Even visitors who come to day care centers to meet or pick up their own children have sexually abused other small children by employing similar tactics. But who is to be blamed here?

Since most day care centers are commercial institutions, the safety of your children is their responsibility. Just in order to save a few dollars, some spendthrift day care centers do not employ the proper procedures to check the background of their employees. This same attitude compromises the security measures and undermines your child’s well being. If a child is sexually abused in a day care center, then the day care center management is the only one to be blamed.

Tackling sexual abuse cases committed at day centers is quite tricky. As children rarely are able to provide any insight, it is the responsibility of the child sex abuse attorney to dig out the facts and file a civil lawsuit against the day care management. Of course the actual perpetrator of the crime cannot go unpunished. But unless a civil suit is filed against the day care center, more children will continue to become abused sexually.

Rogatinsky & Matthews has been dealing with child sexual abuse cases at day care centers for a long time. They know the usual excuses provided by day care management to thwart any civil lawsuits. If your child or child of someone you know has been sexually abused at a day care center, Samuel Rogatinsky would like to help you fight for justice. Get in touch with him today; he is the manager and top attorney in this law firm. His understanding and guidance will lead you in the direction you need to go.


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