The Concealment of Clergy Sex Abuse


The Mormon Church is concentrated in and around Utah where almost 70 percent of its members reside. It’s capital is in Salt Lake City and they are known for fighting against the U.S. army in the 19<sup>th</sup> century and treating outsiders terribly. They are known to having strange beliefs that revolve around polygamy, that families should be large, woman should be married with 2 to 3 babies by their early twenties, Jesus Christ drank grape juice and not wine with his disciples during the last supper, and so forth. Mormons tend to hang out with themselves and can resemble a cult. The positives are they do give back to the communities via community service.

Like most religious organizations, the Mormon Church also has a central hierarchical structure. Bishops or clergy are chosen by their superiors. And like many Christian organizations which the Mormons are deemed to be not a part of because they have an unrecognized founder named Joseph Smith, the Mormon Church also has had its fair share of child sexual abuse scandals. Child abuse sexual scandals are not surprising, despite being horrifying to the children, because the Mormons believe in families having many children despite not always making economic or cultural sense. This leaves the door wide open for a clergy sexual abuse escapade to make headlines.

Whenever a child sexual abuse civil lawsuit was filed against the Mormon Church, rather than facing the heat in full view of the public, the leadership at the church settled amicably outside the eyes of the law, paying heavily to the plaintiffs. They are not the only organization that has done or that does this. The sad thing is, is that some clergy members practice pedophilia in their temples where Mormons are required to spend a lot of their time. Mormonism is a religion that requires extreme and devout sacrifice to follow accordingly.

All these rules they place on their members is not what Christianity professes. Since they spend so much time with each other, it would make a little more sense if they spent more time scrutinizing the personality and belief of their leaders so that child sexual assaults do not occur. Since the church has a central hierarchy, it is their responsibility to perform detailed background checks on people before they are appointed clergy members. If they are failing to do so, they can be tried in civil court while the guilty clergy member is sent to prison for child sexual abuse.

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