A recent Wisconsin State Capitol saw many survivors of clergy abuse speak of painful childhood memories of sex abuse and molestation committed by trusted clergy members. Clergy abuse survivors and religious representatives and legal experts discussed a proposed clergy sex abuse law. Most church officials support the legislation but it’s not enough. The proposed law doesn’t provide an opportunity for sex to sue after the Statute of Limitations has expired. Clergy abuse is a sick societal disease, as is all sex abuse. Sex abuse victims and specifically child sex abuse victims deserve to have the time they need to recognize the damage done to them at the hands of sex abusers and they need time to have their day in court. http://www.snapnetwork.org/legislation/wi_abuse_victims_back.htm

Clergy abuse lawyer Samuel Rogatinsky is a serious sex abuse advocate, and wants to make sure all sex abuse victims file their claims in time. Sam Rogatinsky and the Rogatinsky firm go the extra mile for child sex abuse victims. They do so for all sex abuse victims. In addition to minister sex abuse, rabbi abuse, priest abuse and clergy abuse cases, Sam will try sex abusers from all types of organizations or institutions that perpetrate sex abuse. The Rogatinsky Firm will file sex abuse cases against schools, dentists, day care attendants, psychologists, mental health facilities, the Boy Scouts of America and children’s athletic organizations. If you need help, call Sam on the toll free number found on this site or at (954) 995-3805. Call anytime. Your call is extremely important and it can change your life for the better. Mr. Rogatinsky believes child sex abuse support groups like http://www.sandf.org/ and http://www.way2hope.org/sexabuse.htm can help you down the path towards closure too.

Church sex abuse and school sex abuse are appalling and they’ve been buried for years. Take the St. Joseph School for the Deaf Sex. One priest, father Murphy, worked there for almost 25 years. Parents of sex abused children at the school informed the police of the sex abuse. but the Milwaukee Archdiocese and even Vatican turned a deaf ear to the problem. They helped father Murphy by transferring him to Boulder Junction where he worked with more innocent children. This “clergy” member molested more than 200 boys by his own omission. How many more sick perverts are out there? How many more church members and clergy abuse victims still remain silent?

Contact Sam if you have any type of sex abuse case. For your information, the Statute of Limitations for Wisconsin are listed below:

Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases:

  • There is a 17 year Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse cases with a delayed tolling until the victim’s 18th §§ 948.02, 948.025, 948.06, 948.085, or 948.095 This allows the victim to file a claim until the age of 35.

Statute of Limitations for Criminal Cases:

There is a varying Statute of Limitations based on the nature of the offense. There is no Statute of Limitations for 1st degree sexual assault of a child, or for repeated acts of sexual assault of the same child including class A and class B felonies. Wis. Stat. Ann. § 939.74(2)(a). For 2nd degree child sexual assault or repeated class C child sexual assault on 1 child, incest with a child, child sexual assault of a minor placed in substitute care, or child sexual assault committed at the hands of a school staffer or a person who works or volunteers with kids, the action must be filed by the victim’s 45th birthday. § 939.74(2)(c). All other prosecutions must be filed within 6 years of the sex abuse itself; within 3 years of the act of a sexual misdemeanor.


If someone you know has been a victim of sexual abuse by a member of the clergy, contact our law firm at (954) 995.3805 or send an email to sexual abuse lawyer Samuel Rogatinsky at samr@clergyabuse.org