Recently, a Fairfax County judge rejected a plea bargain for Tommy R. Shelton Jr., a former Fairfax pastor who sexually abused 2 boys and admitted it. The judge shot down the arrangement because the agreement didn’t put Shelton in jail. Tommy Shelton was pastor of the Community Church of God in the Dunn Loring in the 1990’s, and he admittedly sexually abused two teens under his supervision. Pastor Shelton believed he could make a deal and the catholic abuse would be swept under the rug, like so much clergy abuse has been in the past – thanks to the Archdiocese. But not this time, as Judge Randy Bellows rejected the bargain. The plaintiffs are still entitled to fiscal compensation, and for once, the guilty sex offender, a Catholic Priest, no less, is getting the punishment he deserves. There is vindication against clergy abusers and sexual abusers in the District of Columbia!


If you or someone you know and love suffered through clergy abuse or sexual abuse in Washington D,C., get in touch with clergy abuse lawyer Sam Rogatinsky of the Rogatinsky Firm as soon as possible. Mr. Rogattinsky advocates on behalf of sex abuse survivors, clergy abuse survivors and priest abuse survivors, and he understands the problems that they face. Call Sam now on the toll free number provided here on this site. You can even call him on his own personal cell phone number, (954) 995-3805. Call whenever you can, day or night, weekends too, clergy abuse victims need for help knows no time boundaries. If Mr. Rogatinsky doesn’t answer, leave a message, and he’ll get back to you as soon as he receives it.


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To assist you, the Statute of Limitations for the District of Columbia are listed below:


Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases:

  • There is a delayed Statute of Limitations of 3 years after your 18th birthday for filing sexual abuse cases. D.C. Code § 12-301.
  • “…the statute of limitations begins… when a plaintiff either has actual knowledge of a cause of action or is charged with knowledge of that cause of action.” Cevenini v. Archbishop of Washington, 707 A.2d 768 (D.C. 1998).

Statute of Limitations for Criminal Cases:

  • Depending on individual circumstance, 1st and 2nd degree sexual abuse committed on a minor may be prosecuted up to 15 years after the offense has been committed. D.C. Code § 23-113(a)(2).
  • There is a delayed toll for minors of 10 to 15 years after the victim’s 21st birthday, contingent upon the offense. D.C. Code § 23-113(d).


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