The Society of Jesus in Oregon has agreed to settle hundreds of church sex abuse victims claims to the whopping tune of one hundred and sixty-six million dollars. The claims were based on alleged clergy abuse that went on from the ’50’s to the 80’s, with sex abuse victims sprawled across 5 states in the great Northwest and Alaska. The case included 500 different church sex abuse claims. Many Catholic Dioceses including the Spokane Diocese have gone bankrupt due to settlements like this one. If they are guilty of harboring clergy sex abusers and priest sex abusers, it serves them right. This Catholic Church scandal is one of many, too many. Sex abuse scandals from other organizations in charge of children and those that need care are far too prevalent these days too.

Take a recent verdict placed against the Boy Scouts of America in Oregon. Nearly one and a half million dollars was awarded to former Boy Scouts that were once sex abuse victims at the hands of members of the Boy Scouts entrusted to take care of them. Perhaps this will get more children abused at the hands of adults in the Boy Scouts and other groups such as the Boys and Girls Club of America to come forth and seek the justice that they deserve.

Clergy abuse attorney Samuel Rogatinsky is a highly regarded advocate for survivors of child sexual abuse at the hands of any perpetrator. Besides clergy abuse cases, priest abuse cases, and minister sex abuse cases, Sam will expose and prosecute child and church sex abusers from every type of organization or institution. Sam Rogatinsky and the Rogatinsky Firm will leave no stone unturned in cases they take against churches, schools, medical professionals such as psychologists, doctors and dentists, the Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs and athletic organizations too. Sexual abuse is a heinous crime, and child sex abuse victims deserve their day in court. Sam can be reached on the toll free number found on this site or on his personal line, (954) 995-3805, day or night. Mr. Rogatinsky believes child sex abuse support groups like and can and will help his clients as well. He’ll do what it takes to help you piece your life back together.

Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases in Oregon:

  • The Statute of Limitations for sex abuse victims is delayed for 6 years after the sex abuse victim turns18. § 12.117(1) (2008).
  • Statute of Limitations for civil sex abuse suits may begin “not more than three years from the date the injured person discovers or in the exercise of reasonable care should have discovered the injury or the causal connection between the child abuse and the injury.” Or. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 12.117(1) (2008).
  • There is a 6 year Statute of Limitations and 3 year discovery rule which are retroactive to the effective date July 8th, 1993, and a victim can revive any cause of action that was previously barred by the 1991 Statute. Also, any suit filed previous to the ’93 Statute previously denied by age constraint of 40 years old can be filed up until 1 year after the 1993 statute. H. v. F.C., 873 P.2d 465, 466, 127, Or.App. 592 (Or. Ct. App. 1994); Act effected Aug. 10, 1993, c. 622, sec. 2, § 12.117, 1993 Or. Laws (West).

Statute of Limitations for Criminal Cases:

  • There is a 6 year Statute of Limitations based on the sexual abuse felonies and a 4 year Statute of Limitations on sex abuse misdemeanors after the sex abuse actually occurred. If the sex abuse victim is less than 18 years old, criminal proceedings must be prosecuted by the victim’s 30th birthday, or within 12 years after the sex abuse has been reported to authorities, whichever comes first. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 131.125(2) (2008). If the sex abuse victim was less than 18 years old: “anytime before the victim attains 22 years of age or within four years after the offense is reported to a law enforcement agency.” Or. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 131.125(3) (2008). The extended 6 year statute of limitations for sex abuse offenses, instead of the 3 year limit for other felonies, can be applied to child sex abuse charges, but limitations statute don’t specify the offenses charged. State v. Sharp, 949 P.2d 1230, 1233, 151 Or.App. 122 (1997).

As of 01/01/2010, the following extension has been added in Oregon:


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