A former Oklahoma City Catholic priest has been accused of childhood sexual abuse in a lawsuit by one of his former parishioners. The Rev. Stephen D. Cude is named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed recently in Oklahoma County District Court. The plaintiff’s identity is not revealed in the filing. Cude did not return phone messages or e-mails from the Oklahoma Gazette. A “Personal Website of Stephen D. Cude” lists the former priest as an Oklahoma City resident. Cude, a senior at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in geography, according to the site. Cude, who served in the ministry from 1969 to 1998, spent 13 years in a full-time parish ministry and 16 years in hospital ministry. This included weekend ministry for several urban and suburban churches and a part-time chaplaincy to Bishop McGuinness High School, according to the site. http://www.snapnetwork.org

Tulsa Public Schools assistant principal accused of molesting several children has been arrested. Robert Yerton, 41, was charged Wednesday with two counts of sexual abuse, and one count of lewd molestation. The charges are linked to two young victims. Yerton is accused of sexually abusing a 6-year-old at Skelly Elementary last fall. According to the affidavit, a school counselor saw Yerton place his hands inside the child’s pants and touch his genitals. The other accusations were made by a now 18-year-old, who says Yerton molested him over a period of several years. Authorities also talked to a third person, a former student of Yerton’s. He told investigators that Yerton molested him when he was a fourth-grader at Disney Elementary School in 1996. http://www.newson6.com/story/12432431/tulsa-school-administrator-charged-with-molestation-sexual-abuse?redirected=true

Attorney Samuel Rogatinsky cares about survivors of sexual Abuse. In addition to clergy abuse cases, Sam will expose sexual abusers from every type of organization or institution. Recently, Mr. Rogatinsky filed suit against a mental health facility that was abusing a patient. He wll review the circumstances of each particular case and guide survivors through the maze that they must navigate in order to get justice. In addition to clergy, priest and rabbi abuse, the Rogatinsky Firm will handle sexual abuse cases against churches, schools, medical professionals such as psychologists, mental health facilities, Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs and athletic organizations. Sexual abuse is not tolerated by the Rogatinsky Firm and they will exhaust all resources before giving up on any case. You can reach Sam on the toll free number found on this site or call him at (954)995-3805 after hours. Mr. Rogatinsky believes child sex abuse support groups like http://www.sandf.org/ and http://www.jimhopper.com/male-ab/ can be helpful too.


Contact Mr. Rogatinsky if you have any type of sex abuse or child sex abuse case. For your convenience, the statute of limitations for Nevada are listed here:

Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases:

  • There is a 10 year Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse cases with a delayed tolling until the victim’s 18th birthday, Two Year Statute of Limitations for Childhood Sexual Abuse Claims : Child sexual abuse victims have two years after the last incident of abuse that caused the injuries to file their claims. Okla. Stat. Ann. 12 § 95(6)(a) (2008).
  • Delayed Tolling for Minors : Generally, persons under 18 years of age may bring their cause of action within two years after reaching the age of majority. Or, alternatively, if the abuser is in a state, federal or local correctional facility or jail, the victim has five years from their release to file their claim. The statute of limitations will begin to run at whichever date is later. Okla. Stat. Ann. 12 § 95(6)(b) (2008).
  • Twenty Year Statute of Limitations for Claims Against Incarcerated Abusers : Victims may file claims against at any time during the incarceration of the offender for injuries caused by criminal actions, but any action against an incarcerated abuser must be commenced within twenty years of the victim turning 18. Okla. Stat. Ann. 12 § 95(6)(b), (7) (2008).
  • Discovery/”Should Have Discovered” Rule: Two-Year extension : Victims alternatively have two years from the “time the victim discovered or reasonably should have discovered that the injury or condition was caused by the act or that the act caused the injury for which the claim is brought.” Okla. Stat. Ann. 12 § 95(6)(b) (2008).

Statute of Limitations for Criminal Cases:

  • There is a varying Statute of Limitations based on the sexual abuse itself. Twelve-Year Statute of Limitations for Felony Sexual Offenses; All Others Three Years : A 12-year statute of limitations exists for sexual offenses against minors that are classified as felonies after discovery of the offense. Discovery means the date that the crime against a minor was reported, or one year after the victim turns 18. For all other offenses, there is a three-year statute of limitations after the date of the offense. Okla. Stat. Ann. 22, § 152(C)(1), (H), (F) (2008).
  • DNA Evidence Exception : A prosecution against these offenses may be brought any time after the offense as long as the victim reported the abuse with in 12 years after discovery, physical evidence which can provide a DNA sample was collected, and the abuser can be identified by this DNA. The prosecution must be commenced within three years from the date on which the identity of the suspect is established by DNA testing. Okla. Stat. Ann. 22, § 152(C)(2) (2008).


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