Church sex scandals have been far too prevalent in The New York Times for far too long. Catholic church scandals alleging catholic church sex abuse and a major lack of bishop accountability have dominated media headlines in New York and around the nation. The archdiocese has buried its head in regards to clergy sexual abuse, priest sex abuse, and church sex abuse of all types. The cases are all too familiar:

  • More than 6 church sex abuse survivors, men and women, recently addressed the North
    Parish Church, telling of horrible tales of priest rape and priest sex abuse.
  • A woman revealed that she hadn’t stepped one foot into any church after she was raped by a trusted priest at the ripe old age of 11.
  • A woman spoke of sexual abuse committed by a priest who used to come eat supper with her family before abusing her as a little girl.
  • A woman recently revealed that the Catholic Church paid her $250,000 in hush money so she wouldn’t speak of the hideous priest sex abuse she was forced to survive.

Perhaps the Catholic Church wants to bury its collective head when it comes to clergy sexual abuse, priest sexual abuse, or sexual abuse of any type, but well known clergy abuse lawyer Sam Rogatinsky won’t let them or any abuser from any institution get away with child sex abuse. Child sex abuse isn’t limited to churches. Schools, mental facilities, even the Boy Scouts of America are guilty of fostering or allowing environments to develop where sexual abuse takes place. Take Paul Scott, a nursing assistant at the Hawthorn Health Multicare Center for Living, an elderly health care facility. Scott was recently arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 77 year old disabled resident suffering from dementia. It’s sad to say, but nursing home abuse and mental care facility abuse does not always involve neglect, sexual abuse occurs, as sick as it sounds. Any sexual abuse that occurs in a nursing home, mental health care facility, elder care facility or school must be exposed and justice must be served.

Samuel Rogatinsky cares very deeply about those who have suffered through sexual abuse. He wants to see their case exposed, their abusers dealt with and he wants to help any victim of sexual abuse find some closure. Along with clergy abuse cases and church abuse cases of any kind, Sam will file suit against sexual abusers from any organization or institution. Mr. Rogatinsky even filed suit against a mental health facility that was sexually abusing a patient. The Rogatinsky Firm will actively, aggressively handle clergy, priest and rabbi abuse cases as well as sexual abuse cases filed against schools, medical professionals, Boys and Girls Clubs and athletic organizations. Sexual won’t be tolerated by Sam Rogatinsky or the Rogatinsky Firm. They will see that you get the justice you deserve. Contact Sam on the toll free number found on this site or call him at (954) 995-3805. Mr. Rogatinsky will also expose you to child sex abuse support groups like and to get you as much support as he can.

For your convenience, the Statute of Limitations for New York are listed here:

Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases:

  • There is a 5 year Statute of Limitations for certain 1st degree child sexual abuse cases with a delayed tolling that is extended to 7 years from the date of the crime or 10 years from conviction. This depends on the offense itself, in the case that the same sex abuse defendant has been convicted of a criminal offense. § 213-b. § 215(8)(b).
  • There is no discovery in New York: “…the Statute of Limitations must run from the time of the act until the Legislature decrees otherwise.” Goldsmith v. Howmedica, Inc., 67 N.Y. 2d 120, 124 (1986); See also Bassile v. Covenant House, 594 N.Y.S. 2d 192, 193 (1993) lv denied 82 N.Y.2d 656.
  • The Statute of Limitations is effective as of June 23, 2006. There is no retroactivity. 2006 N.Y. Laws ch. 3, sec. 5.

Statute of Limitations for Criminal Cases:

  • There is no Statute of Limitations for for 1st degree offenses. N.Y. Crim. Proc. Law § 30.10(2)(a). There is a 5 year Statute of Limitations for all other felony sex offenses. § 30.10(2)(b). There is a 2 year Statute of Limitations for misdemeanor sex offenses. § 30.10(2)(c).

There is a delayed Statute of Limitations for criminal sex abuse of minors which tolls until the sex abuse victim turns 18 or until it the sex abuse offense is first reported to law enforcement, whichever occurs first. N.Y. Crim. Proc. Law § 30.10(3)(f).


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