Sexual abuse has many negative aftereffects other than the obvious pain and suffering incurred at the time of the sex abuse act. Sometimes, the memory is repressed by the victim for years, only to unearth itself painfully sometimes decades later. So what is to be done? Is the victim to suffer with no vindication? Is the abuser to walk away free to commit hideous sex abuses and sex crimes time and time again? Take the case of Robert Goodman, now living in Arizona as an adult, who alleges that he was a victim of clergy abuse as a youth in the ’70’s while attending St. Joseph’s Catholic Church grade school, in York Nebraska. He recently remembered the child sex abuse and sought justice, filing a claim against the school and his abusers. He’s getting his day in court.

Noted clergy abuse lawyer Sam Rogatinsky of the Rogatinsky Firm wants you to get your day in court too, if you are a priest abuse, clergy abuse, minister sex abuse or child sex abuse survivor. If you have a child sex abuse case, Sam is a sex abuse advocate and he would like to offer you his expert services. Contact Sam on the toll free number found on this site right now or call him on his personal cell phone after hours at (954) 995-3805. Please leave a message if you don’t get Sam on the phone so he can promptly return your call. Mr. Rogatinsky will contact you as soon as he can.

Mr. Rogatinsky will help you get therapy if you haven’t yet. He’ll even direct you to supportive child sex abuse organizations like and

Call Mr. Rogatinsky. It’s time you got your day in court. For your information, the statute of limitations for Nebraska is listed here:

Statute of Limitations for Nebraska Civil Cases:

  • There is a 4 year Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse cases after the assault occurs. NEB. REV. STAT. § 25-207 (2008).
  • There is a delayed tolling for minors: “at the time the cause of action accrued within the age of twenty years… [the victim] shall be entitled to bring such action within the respective times limited by this chapter after such disability is removed.” § 25-213.
  • There is a limited discovery rule based on when the discovery of the injury occurs, but not on recognition of causality. Teater v. State of Nebraska,, 559 N.W.2d 758 (Neb. 1997).

Statute of Limitations for Nebraska Criminal Cases:

  • There is no Statute of Limitations for sex abuse felonies in Nebraska for assault of a child in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree, § 28-319.01. § 28-320.01. Nor is there a Statute of Limitations for prosecution for sexual assault in the 3rd degree when the victim is younger than 16 at the time of the sex abuse. NEB. REV. STAT. § 29-110(5) (2008).


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