Superintendent of Church of God in Christ Saints Academy in Lexington, Mississippi Larry Weem offered to pay off all 5 female plaintiffs in a disturbing sexual assault case a few years ago. He avoided an embarrassing clergy sex abuse case as well as a lengthy stay in prison. The 5 child sex abuse victims received a healthy settlement without ever going to trial. The church still helps fund the school, and there are child sex abuse victims still out there who have not come forward. These alleged child sex abuse attacks on the children occurred while Weems was in charge of a religious school. Weems spent a number of years as a minister at Davis Temple in Mississippi. He was a national trustee in charge of a large facility for the Church of God in Christ Saints Academy. How many other innocent children out there did he sexually abuse over the years? How many more sex abuse claimants have yet to come forth?

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Call Mr. Rogatinsky if you have a clergy sex abuse, child sex abuse or sex abuse case like these girls who got their day in court in Mississippi. For your convenience, the Statute of Limitationsfor Mississippi is listed here:

Statute of Limitations for Mississippi Civil Cases:

  • There is a 3 year personal Statute of Limitations for sex abuse and no Statute of Limitations for sex abuse of a minor. MISS. CODE ANN. § 15-1-49 (2008). Other suits that have no Statute of Limitations is involve latent injury or disease, the tolling does not begin until the plaintiff has recognized that the abuse has caused the injury. (For further clarification, see Doe v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Jackson below.).
  • The Statute of Limitations is tolled until the sex abuse victim’s 18th birthday. MISS. CODE ANN. § 15-1-59.

Statute of Limitations for Mississippi Criminal Cases:

In most cases, there is no Statute of Limitations for sexbatteries of a minor when the sex abuse victim is between 14-16 years old and the assailant is 3 years or older than the victim. The same is true if the sex abuse victim is less than 14 years of age when attacked and the abuser is 2 years or more older than the victim, or the sex abuse victim is less than 18 years of age while the abuser is in position of authority or trust. MISS.CODE ANN. § 99-1-5 (2008)


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