Bernie McDaid of Massachusetts recently organized a large rally outside the Vatican. McDaid was part of a large clergy abuse lawsuit that was filed against Cardinal Bernard Law and officials from the Catholic Church. McDaid and other altar boys who attended the St. James Church in Salem, Massachusetts were sexually abused by Reverend Joseph Birmingham over 30 years ago.

Clergy sex abuse, priest abuse, child sex abuse and pedophilia are a global issue, they aren’t just native of Massachusetts. Catholic sex abuse survivors from many nations attended the rally at the Vatican, to the Pope’s chagrin. A moment of silence was held out of respect for so many clergy abuse and minister sex abuse victims around the world and in Maine who remain silent and struggle silently with their pain.

Sam Rogatinsky of the Rogatinsky Firm wants to do more than keep quiet. He deeply respects clergy abuse, minister sex abuse and child sex abuse victims. He is and intends to remain the voice of so many sex abuse victims who deserve their say in court. If you have a child sex abuse case, even if you were abused by a family member or an official in the Boy Scouts of America, Sam Rogatinsky will expertly represent you in court. Mr. Rogatinsky respects the confidentiality of all clients and all potential clients. Call Sam, either on the toll free number found on this site or on his cell phone if you need to call after hours or on the weekends at (954) 995-3805. Leave a message if he doesn’t pick up so he can get back to you as soon as possible.

Mr. Rogatinsky wants you to get the help you need. It’s important if you are a sex abuse or child sex abuse survivor. He’ll even help you find the sex abuse therapist that can help you put your life back together. Sam will also point you to helpful clergy and church sex abuse support groups like

Reach out to Mr. Rogatinsky if you are a priest sex abuse, minister sex abuse, rabbi abuse or child sex abuse victim. We’ve provided the statute of limitations for Massachusetts below:

Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases:

  • There is a 3 year Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse cases, 3 years after the sex abuse victim’s 18th There is also a 3 year discovery rule for sexual assault and battery cases committed against a minor. MASS. GEN. LAWS ch. 260, § 4c (2008). Sex abuse has a broad definition and includes a number of forms of sexual actions. See id.

Statute of Limitations for Criminal Cases:

  • There is no Statute of Limitations for sex offenses felonies committed against a minor in Massachusetts. Clear, strong independent evidence is necessary when a case is filed over than 27 years from the initial date of the sex abuse offense. MASS. GEN. LAWS ch. 277, § 63 (2008).


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