Sex abuse, physical abuse, clergy abuse, minister abuse and priest abuse are serious problems in today’s world, even in the state of Delaware. Clergy abuse and sex abuse can ruin lives, and too many sex abuse victims and clergy abuse victims keep quiet, missing their chance to put their lives back together and to get the justice they deserve. The Delaware Statute of Limitations must be reviewed before moving forward because you have only so much time to file a case if you are a victim of clergy abuse, priest abuse, or child sexual abuse. Many civil cases have won victims millions of dollars in the state of Delaware.


Recently, a Delaware court issued $30 million in damages to a clergy abuse victim who alleged that he was sexually abused over a hundred times by a priest. Thus far, this was the biggest clergy abuse award given to one single priest abuse victim. Even better, the parish, St. Elizabeth’s in Wilmington, where the sexual abuse took place, was forced to pay must pay three million dollars. Although it is rare that parishes are forced to pay in clergy abuse cases, it sure feels like justice was served in Delaware.


If you need a skilled, caring clergy abuse attorney because you are a survivor of catholic abuse or minister abuse of any denomination, Sam Rogatinsky can help you get the justice and the help that you deserve. Mr. Rogatinsky is a trusted advocate for those who have survived sexual abuse, child sex abuse or clergy abuse. All matters discussed will be kept private. Call Mr. Rogatinsky right now or any time, on the toll free number located in this site or on his cell phone at (954) 995-3805. Leave a message if you don’t reach him and he will contact you promptly.


Mr. Rogatinsky believes that therapy is key to piecing your life back together, and he’ll even help you find a therapist if you need one, or he’ll put you in touch with groups like contact sites like SNAP or Bishop Accountability who can help as well.


If you do have a case, don’t let The Delaware Statute of Limitations run out before you get the justice you deserve. The Delaware Statute of Limitations are listed below:


Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases:

  • There is no Delaware Statute of Limitations for civil suits fild regarding sexual abuse resulting from a criminal act, but this was recently ammended. Previously, there was a 2 year window for suits to be filed after the victims 18th There is now a 2 year window for victims previously barred from suing the offenders, allowing them time to present a case. Del. Code Ann. 11, § 205(e).


Statute of Limitations for Criminal Cases:

There is no Delaware Statute of Limitations for criminal sexual abuse committed against a minor. Del. Code Ann. 10, § 8145.


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